Skye Petrolium
"Bringing Tomorrows Technology to Yesterdays Wells"
Skye Petroleum Inc. offers chemical treatment services to companies that battle with flow assurance issues relating to paraffin, asphaltene and sludge. Oil wells in multiple regions have been successfully using our paraffin dispersant and inhibitors, resulting in significant production increases in many cases.

Skye technology continues to be tested on different applications and locations with great success in oil wells, flow lines, tanks, tubing, tank bottoms and any surface or sub-surface equipment experiencing paraffin related issues.

Charles Grisham of the Thompson Pump Shop in Vivian, LA. stated, "In my 34 years of oilfield experience, I have never seen an oilfield chemical that works as well as Skye's WD-RTU."

Click on the Paraffin Clean Out Video, above left, to see a video that was shot in 2011. This particular well was plugged up with paraffin and would not pump. Approx. 5 gallons of Skye Chem WD was poured down a very narrow opening in the tubing. 45 minutes later the well was turned back on. As you will see in the video clip, the rods moved smoothly, the paraffin softened and pumped out. After 1.5 hours the tubing was clean and the fluid was absent of paraffin. Oil resumed flowing again.

Contact the following if you are interested in receiving more information about our products.

East of the Mississippi River:
Scot Stutzman - Ph: 814-489-3560

West of the Mississippi River:
Brandon Rhodes - Ph: 832-247-6008

Investor Relations & Administration:
Buck Eaton - Ph: 281-265-1199

Skye Petroleum, Inc. is a publicly traded company, listed under the stock symbol, SKPO. Visit to see the company's previous Press Releases and Financial Reports.